Monday, April 23, 2018

Countdown Gets Its First Layer Of Imagery

Now that Countdown's base layer of color has dried, I can add the first layer of imagery.

Here's my full version of Man In The Moon based on a cool sculpture (and current studio guardian) from Lisa Mahar.  You can see more of her work by clicking on this recent POST.

This is what it looks like before I add any color.

Now for some color(s) to spruce things up.

The Man In The Moon now with some color.

That's about it for the first layer of imagery.  I'm going to let this one hang out for a week before I haze over selected areas.

Next time we'll take a peek at one of my sculptural endeavors that is going to be in Pop Culture Palimpsest.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Collectors' Issue

Untitled pieces.

Although this piece is fairly far along in the process of its creation, I've never written a dedicated post about it primarily because it never had a title (or even a working title for that matter).  It's strange how important it turns out to be to have a title/descriptor (or some identifying descriptor) for a project.  If it's just a nebulous and undefined thing, it tends to fall outside of our language and becomes ignored/underattended.  I have some earlier images of it in one of my Grab Bag of Progress posts.  You can see them by clicking HERE and for an even older post/earlier version HERE.

The identity crisis is finally over.  May I present unto you, the nearly completed, Collectors' Issue.

Rounding third and heading into home as far as adding color should be ready in time for Steve Banks: Pop Culture Palimpsest this Summer at The Figge Art Museum.

Here it is nearly complete.

The early stages of the frame.

Next time we check in on Collectors' Issue, we'll take a look at carving and painting the frame.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Early Stages Of Eclipse

Eclipse is yet another piece I am working on for my upcoming show at The Figge Art Museum this Summer.  Time is rapidly dwindling away.  There will be several pieces in the show that have a relief city scape-esque motif to them.  The relief elements actually take a fair amount of time to construct, so it's time to call in some back-up.

A few big days in the studio with help from the 4'-Assassin (about 16 hours worth of work between the two of us), and we had...

...this!  Bear in mind this is just stuck to an essentially random canvas that washed up on my shore.  I will soon cut it loose and attach it to a larger canvas.... this one!

After my base layer of colors dries (I allotted over a week for it to dry), I add my first layer of lines.

Now for some color!

I have a some line work to add and a couple to touch-ups to do, but by about this time next week, this sucker is gonna get its haze coat.  Then it will be time to plot and scheme about what I'm going to paint as the second layer.

Pop Culture Palimpsest opens in about two months.  You can read more about it by visiting The Figge Art Museum's website (HERE!).

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Naughty Time: Part I

Oooooda-Lolly!  It's time to add some color to Naughty!

Take a moment...  Soak it all in...

Ok, now let's give it a haze wash...

All gone.  Bye-bye.

You can see Naughty, along with several other pieces this summer at The Figge Art Museum for Pop Culture Palimpsest.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Building A Wardrobe

One of the pieces I am working on for my show, Pop Culture Palimpsest, is Wardrobe Malfunction.  I am bringing new life to an old (and slightly damaged) canvas called Fandango.

Wardrobe Malfunction is going to require a large and elaborate headdress.  Here is the sketch on which I'm basing the headdress.  I made the drawing several years ago in one of my sketchbooks.  I assumed it would someday would be a doodle that would go into a painting.  I hadn't considered at the time that I might construct it instead.

But construct it I shall...

Test fitting the pieces I know I want to keep.

Test driving other ideas.

One section nearly complete.

I would also like to point out that through the generous support of the Quad City Arts Dollar$ Project Grant program (provided by the Illinois Arts Council Agency, Hubbell-Waterman Foundation and John Deere) program, I am able to bring in two of my former MetroArts apprentices to work in my studio helping to bring to fruition this piece along with another piece we are working on (Processionalization: Power Lunch With The Tasaday) that I will be featuring in several upcoming posts.  Here they were looking quasi-serious last summer during MetroArts.

Here they are again looking not-so-serious.

...and here they are being my helpful helpers.

Some might say it's like help, but different.  Actually, they have been phenomenal assistance in moving the project forward.  Like the work they completed today.

We've been hammering away on this headdress for several weeks now.  Here is a panoramic shot of my studio after a work session.

At the point this next image was taken, the girls had spent 50 hours working on the headdress.  I have spent more than 50 hours -bringing our grand total over 100+ fabricating this one component.  And it's still not finished.

That's enough for this post.  Next time we check in with Wardrobe Malfunction, we'll finish the headdress, and maybe attach it to the canvas.  Maybe...