Saturday, August 17, 2019

A (More Complete) Tale of Three Carvings.

Recently, I showed the beginnings of three carved panels I have been working on in the studio.  Time to dive more in-depth with their color/paint.

None of the three have official titles thus far (since they are intended to be polyptych panels).

Adding some green and orange to the mix.

Still waiting for a couple more colors.

Here it is paired with an early version of its canvas partner.  Ultimately, I may pull a few colors from one panel to help (partially) unify them with each other.

Finally I add the bright yellow and red.

The color palette for my next panel.

It's hard to say "no" to a bright green.

It's also kind of difficult to say 'no' to a pale pink.

It is mostly painted, I just need to add a couple accent colors.

Just like that, it's (mostly) complete!

My last panel is getting started with a sweet blue.  I apply the blue first and then make the rest of my color decisions based off of the it.

Whoooa!  Action shot!

In response to the blue, the second and third colors are lighter (and warmer!)

They are fairly similar colors, but if you look at the painting palette below, I started with the orange color in the bottom left.  After that color dried, I realized it was too orange for what I wanted, so I mixed a slightly new color and then painted over it with the color from the top right of the palette.  I only added a bit of yellow ochre, titanium white, and burnt umber to shift the orange to something more pleasing.

Enough technical talk, back to the painting.

Ready to be paired with another panel or two...

Next time we might take a look at some sculptural ideas I have been working on.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Quest(Shun) Makes Its Big Chicago Debut in Not Windmills/But Giants!

I'm happy to announce that Quest(shun) is going to be part of Not Windmills/But Giants at Gallery Victor Armendariz in Chicago this month (check out the gallery by clicking this link:  This is a post I had started last year before Pop Culture Palimpsest opened at the Figge Art Museum (Check out the show by clicking on this LINK).  I never published it because I wanted to add images of creating a carved frame for the piece.

When I add a carved frame to a piece, I typically want the frame to expand the narrative, complete the narrative, or even serve as a counterpoint to the narrative of the canvas.  However, the more sketches I did for a potential frame for Quest(shun), the more I realized I was only restating what was taking place on the canvas.  Repeating motifs in this case would be counterproductive, so I let myself be content with the piece as it is.

So here are some images of the last few stages of completing the canvas instead.

The last little bit of paint for the windmills.

I finally have put the tie on this archer dude.  That only took about 6 months (in all fairness I was working on a couple of other projects...).

Anyway, you get the idea...

Since there will be no images of a carved frame, I am throwing in several images of the evolution of Quest(shun) from its humble beginnings as eee-KWAY-shun.

Here's a brief (incomplete) history of Quest(Shun) going all the way back to 2003.

Incidentally, this hot dog is going to be making an appearance in an upcoming series of pieces.

After the hot dog was removed and the canvas was turned to a vertical orientation.

If you get the chance, come check out Not Windmills/But Giants at Gallery Victor Armendariz!

As an added bonus, here are three other pieces that will be at the gallery as well:

The Transitive Property of Yesterday.


and Squishy Rumba!