Sunday, June 24, 2012

Evolution of Covalent Bonding into Imminent Departure

Covalent Bonding was a piece I made back in late 2000.  The title refers to pairs of atoms sharing electrons (a nugget that has stuck in my head since sophomore Chemistry class with Mr. Sands (Go! Flower Power!)).  I saw some similarities between that bit of science and relationships with people.

I showed Covalent Bonding a few times and then tucked it away in my studio on a shelf.  Around 2007-ish I pulled it back out a added a 2nd layer.  Soon after I got started working on the 2nd layer, other ideas/projects came up and back on the shelf Covalent Bonding went.  Below is the second coat and it subsequent 'hazing' (which is perfectly legal in my studio).

Within the last year it was brought back into circulation and POW! it was given a 3rd layer of imagery and a new name.  It is now Imminent Departure.  Here are some shots of building up the third layer.

The third layer is a sketch book idea I had for a totally different piece.  The subject matter was compatible, so I used/borrowed it. Be sure to get a good look at the 3rd layer of Imminent Departure, because as of tonight, it has been hazed.....

Almost done.  One cut hole, some stitching, and a smidgen of line work and it shall be complete.

By the way, 11 days left until we install the 'Teaser Show' for 'Merican-Tastic!'.  There's a good chance that Imminent Departure will be one of the teaser pieces.

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