Monday, October 1, 2012

Au Revoir Merican-Tastic!

Much like my 30s, all good thing must come to an end.  So is the case with Merican-Tastic!  Sniff.....

Here's a couple of shots of the West wall before and after I added the carved frame on Box of Wonder.

And a few more on our way out....

The wordsmith who came up with the phrase 'Merican-Tastic!'.

This one's blurry, but who cares?  It captures the 'magic' of the evening!

Heidi takes a moment out of her busy day to show off her pugilistic moves.

And poor Brooke drove all the way from Detroit for this?

Coming in 2013....Merican-Tastic! II: The Son of Tastic!

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