Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plan B Sans Andrea

The installation/opening of Questionable Architecture is just a few weeks away.  Terry Rathje and I had to modify our original plan for the installation from using driftwood to utilizing 2"x2"s.  So instead of using 379 pieces of wood, we had to cut 162 boards into smaller boards.

All we had to do was rip the boards on a table saw and then hit them with some green water-based stain.  Here is Terry laying on our first batch of wood to be cut.  The time is roughly 9:30 a.m.  By the end of the day, he will not have the same optimistic look on his face......

We were loaded and armed for bear.  We had two saws ready to rip the wood.  When one saw overheated, we would just hop over to the other saw and keep on going.

The first few boards were cut with minimal problem.  One of the saws would overheat after just a board or two, but that was no big deal.  Even though it had a new blade, it had a wimpy motor.

Right about this time, the older, and beefier saw died.  Not a dramatic smoky death, just more of a 'the-whole-motor-is-going-to-need-to-be-rebuilt' kind of death.

Although we tried to limp forward with the wimpy saw, it was going to cut it (sorry).

So 8 stores, and $650 later, we had a brand new saw to tackle the project.  All we needed to do was put it together......

We started assembling the saw around sunset.  Within minutes, we were savaged by mosquitos (and when I say 'we', I mean 'me').  It was a blood bath!  I have bites on my head, arms, legs, and places I didn't even know were places.

Although the sunset was beautiful, we had to call it a day.

We didn't reconvene until 3pm the next day.  We didn't finish assembling the saw until 7pm.

We ran a few test cuts and found the saw was sufficiently macho for our purposes.  We finally generated a proper pile of sawdust!

However, sunset was approaching and I had an urgent need to re-establish my place at the top of the food chain, so it was time to get some chemical death for the mosquitos.

Bathed in Deet and ready to go, we cut more boards in one hour on the second day, than we did the previous day in the course of 12 hours.


We still have 50 boards to cut and they all must be stained by next weekend.  Ooooda-Lolly!

Even the dog and cat were so enthralled by us cutting wood, that they forgot the natural order....

Until next time......


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