Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bustin' Out Sumthin' Old and Making It New

Skylyne Dryve is the working title for an old piece that I have just pulled out of 'the vault'.  The base of the piece is an older work (that was causing me displeasure) that I literally cut off its stretcher bars and attached to a larger canvas.

Below is a page from my sketchbook to show one of the early 'source drawings' for the painting portion of the show. Some of the imagery at the top of the sketch made it to the canvas.

I cranked up the 'contrast' and 'lightness' in Photoshop to make it easier to see the original drawings on the image below.

I added a gestural layer of color before I started to add the green line work.

I suspect that if/when I add a haze layer that alot of the green line work will nearly disappear, so it's highly likely that I will selectively haze and only add one layer of black line work/imagery.  I try not to keep any layer/image precious, but I have reservations about arbitrarily obliterating the green images.

A mix of green line work and the original canvas that had one layer of hazed-over black line work (and color).

The green layer.

Vvroooom!!!! Vroooom!!! I'm going to add a car with carved letters to the piece.

We know it's a 'car' because it says it's a car.

....and PRESTO! The car that 'says' car, is now attached to the canvas.

If it weren't for Liquid Nails, Duct Tape, Hot Glue, Caffeine, Sugar, Chocolate, Cheese, Boozie Burgers, and Naps, I don't know what I'd do with myself.

One last nugget: What did I do on The Fourth of July this year?  I designed the frame for Skylyne Dryve.  I took elements from a couple of other frame ideas and combined them into one.

Here is the composite sketch for the frame.

There you have the beginnings of Skylyne Dryve.

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