Sunday, October 19, 2014

A More Refined Mayhem

My new solo show at Ashford University is called 'A More Refined Mayhem'.  The exhibition runs from October 20th through November 18th (2014).  Here is a look at the set-up for the show.

We spent the first couple hours on day one bringing in boxes full of ceramic shards, a mixed media sculpture, 12 painted constructions, and 11 carved frames.

We laid the pieces out against the wall and engaged in some quick curating.  We whittled the roster of painted constructions from 12 pieces down to 9.   It's always a difficult decision as to which pieces stay and which pieces get 'edited', but you always have to give the work enough space to breathe, and consider how each piece interacts with its neighbors.  Anna Pagnucci (silent 'g' as in 'lasagna') and her helpers installed the mounting cleats on the walls so the next day we could proceed straight to hanging.

That was the end of the first day.

On the second day, Anna and I finished the installation.  We put the sides of the carved frames on and then flipped the pieces upside down so we could install the base frame member.

Once that was completed, we placed the painted constructions on the mounting cleats.

Once the painted constructions were up, Anna started distributing the ceramic shards/debris around the base of Trojan Horse.  I think she is smiling in this picture because she didn't realize there was another (larger) set of heavy boxes full of fired clay shards and objects just around the corner and was therefore not even half-way done at this point.

Yeah, this extra pile of boxes.....

While Anna was grappling with the unfairness of life, I was physically attaching the painted constructions to the mounting cleats and then attaching the top section of frame.

A few hours later, we were tired, sore, hungry, and done with the installation!

'A More Refined Mayhem' is at the Cortona Gallery at Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.  The Gallery is open from 10am-4pm daily.  There will be a closing reception on Tuesday, November 18 from 3-5pm.

A huge 'Thank You' goes out to Champ, Ashley, Savanah, Anna, and  'other Steve' for making 'A More Refined Mayhem' a possibility!

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