Saturday, June 27, 2015

Honeycomb's Big -Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Back in April, The Figge Art Museum put out a call for proposals for a sculpture project in/on the Figge Plaza to help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of museum.

Terry Rathje, Dean Kugler, and I put our heads together to develop three different proposals that all three of us agreed to work on/help construct if any one of them were chosen for the project.  If you are unfamiliar with Terry's or Dean's work, check out Terry Rathje's work HERE, and check out Dean Kugler's work HERE.

Terry Rathje's beehive structure entitled 'Allinittogether' was chosen by the committee.

The first step was to purchase 80 some sheets of plywood, and a bunch of paint.

The second step was to call in the four-foot assassin for help.

It didn't take long before we felt the overwhelming desire to set one section up just to see how it looked.

Little did we know when we set this up, that it would be one of only a handful of sunny days in which we would be able to work.  Below is a panorama of the inside of the structure and an abnormally large (unrelated to the project) swath of Terry's yard.

A small taste of the amount of paint we would be going through.

A glimpse at our plan.

Some idea sketches......

Let the fabrication begin.

As indicated earlier, the weather turned soggy and we also had to deal with mud, muck, and........


Disregarding their own personal safety, the dogs and the cat love to hang out around and under the saw horses just in case we need their special brand of 'help'.

Meanwhile Terry and his daughter Sarah (who is an art teacher herself!) are inside Terry's studio coating strips of paper in wax, and then attaching them to what will become the walls of one of Terry's three cells in the beehive.

Dip in wax.

Squeegee to the board.


and repeat again (for about 100+ more times).

For my 'nest chamber, I'm attaching newspaper and junk mail to my six sides.

The pile of paint cans grow (and begin to fill with rainwater....)

More on this project in upcoming posts.........

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