Monday, July 18, 2016

Flowchart: Black and White. Vol. I

I don't even remember when I first started this canvas -a few years ago at least.  Anyway, I recently dug it out of the vault and decided to start messing around with it.

Sometimes with an old piece it is hard to re-engage whatever thought process/mindset you had back when you initially started working on it -especially after a few years have elapsed.  This piece was no exception.  In order to bypass that mental block, I just mixed together a few colors and started to lay down some new marks in an attempt to restart my interest in the piece.

At this point, I can't tell whether or not those splashes of color will make the final piece a success or not, but they were just what I needed to jump-start ideas about what the next (2nd) layer was going to be.  Time to crack out the black paint and add some lines.

Linework 95% complete.

Let the color begin.

The first round of color were primarily warmer tones.

Next batch had some cooler greens.

Bringing it all together.

With any luck, this piece will just need one more layer of imagery to feel complete.  I just added the haze layer, so I'll give it about a week to dry before I work on it anymore.

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