Monday, August 6, 2018

Blahbiniumus Majorus: A Frame for Mystaphorical Parfait

I started this frame for Mystaphorical Parfait several months ago, but just recently finished carving the final passages.  Here are the side panels just before being carved.

A few days later, I spray painted everything black.  Once that paint had set up, I started in with the oil paint.  I wanted to make the color scheme very muted (just four comparatively dull colors) when contrasted with what was taking place on the canvas.

It's also a bit underwhelming to see two days worth of painting summarized in just a handful of images.  Here are some detail shots once the frame was installed at the Figge Art Museum.

This is what Mystaphorical Parfait looks like now.

Pop Culture Palimpsest is open now through September 2nd.  You can read more about the show by clicking on this LINK to The Figge Art Museum's website.

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