Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Brain Jar of Doktor Pantalones

The gift and curse of an idea.

Sometimes a character name, or phrase, or expression just gets stuck in my head.  I hear it and say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again*.  It's like the mind-numbingly short play list on "The Morning Guffaw: with Drive-Time Dexter and The Booger Man" on KKRAP radio.

The name Doktor Pantalones was one of those repeated soul tortures.  So I had to make the character of Doktor Pantalones to purge the name.  Take it from being stuck in my head and inflict it on the world around me.  Here is the beginning of this piece.  Destination unknown.

The face was made back in 2006.  The dome was made in 2008.  The letters were added about two months ago.  And the body is about 3 weeks old.

I think the good doctor is going to get paired with a carved panel.

I recently dug up this old drawing of 'Le Fool' and 'La Queen' for use in a carved panel which is being paired with another piece (Frontlines).  In addition to Frontlines benefiting from this one sketch,  I noticed in the upper left corner is the same figure that I have incised into the 'Brain Jar portion' of The Brain Jar of Doktor Pantalones.  I might recycle images/ideas more than MAD Magazine does!

I am pleased with the imagery for the carved panel.  Now it is time to focus on the canvas portion of the show.

Time to dry.

*Examples of things stuck in my head on infinite repeat would be: 'got a condo made of stona'; 'Boiga DeeChee'; 'Dr. Manntrapp and the High Fashionistas of Neo-Sockdology'; 'Dooba Tray'; The H.M.S. Rart-Garr; Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago, Rock and Roll Girls from John Foggerty; the theme from 'The Dating Game'; 'Buh-wuh-wuh-wuhn!'; 'A Gentle Landscape Diddy'; 'The Big Mr. Nifty'; 'Pablo Buñano'; Chumptosis; K-Rotty Chop-chop; Mos-KWEE-toe; Oblotta Mongula; 'Downstairs Mullet'; tattoo detective; 'Bone Dance'; 'Bone Digger. Done Bigger'; no-TAY-shun.....

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