Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Tragicomedy in Three Parts: The Saga Continues

The beginnings of this triptych go back at least to 2005.  For the most of that time, these three panels have been happily tucked into a nook in the studio and all-but-forgotten.  Recently, I moved the painted constructions that were covering them and my interest in working on them was re-sparked.

While looking at the triptych, I decided to try combining them with a separate landscape-inspired idea I have been kicking around in order to create a pop culture landscape experience (hopefully the first of many).

So here are the panels of Tragicomedy in Three Parts flanking my two (currently) monochromatic architectural pieces.

As a five panel composition.

I see a lot of possibilities coming out of the pairing of these two ideas into 'one composition'...

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