Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Hail the King, Baby!!

What hath started out as Captain Cupcake hath now becometh King Ding Dong!  All hail the King!

This is an early shot with just the stick/driftwood/plywood armature and a laminated plywood base.

I used chicken wire to fill-in the sides (along with some spray foam) and sheets of heavy cardboard to fill-in the front and back sides.  A relatively effective way to secure the cardboard was to 'stitch' it around some of the driftwood.  As an added bonus, it makes an appealing texture.

The fabric wrapped chicken wire was something I had left over from an idea that never really materialized.  I kept the chicken wire handy though, because I spent many painstaking hours wrapping the wire and I am loathe to waste that kind of time without getting some benefit for it.  It only had to sit on a shelf for 14 months before I found a use for it!

This is what the 'base' looks like.

The face is where the action really takes place.  The eyes, mouth, and 'stache' are fabric wrapped cardboard.

Any king worth his salt has a crown.

A few coats of mis-mixed/mis-tinted latex house paint to help seal the different fabrics used to make the skin and we are ready.

It's primed, the crown has been attached, and all it needs now is a finishing coat of paint.

King Ding Dong as seen in Merican-Tastic!

Here at 'Punching Holes in The Rah-Rah' it's not all about naughty bits, abused Dremel Tools, and local eateries, sometimes we have to take a moment to celebrate life's little milestones such as........


Truck-a-Saurus is now over 300,000 miles!

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