Monday, September 3, 2012

One That Made It and One That Got Away

I have over a dozen pieces that I started for Merican-Tastic! that either didn't make the cut, or weren't completed to a level to even be considered for inclusion.  Mine and Yours is an example of a piece that was probably 95% done, but just not quite there.

Here is the initial sketch for the first layer/original piece back when it was called 'Transfer'.

I can't say I was ever content with the castle/cannon structure towards the bottom (but I was amused by the arrows and the bowling pin).  All said and done, I was not happy with the final result, so Transfer was a piece that was destined to be reworked......

Shall we begin?

Often times my 'layers' are comprised of several doodles from different sketches.  Here is just one component for the 3rd layer of imagery.

Now with some color added.....

The third layer colored in.

Some shots of the 'Mine and Yours' panels as they are being primed.

The image below is close to the current state of Mine and Yours.  The colors are discordant in a way that is distracting.  With the opening of Merican-Tastic! less than two weeks away, I made the call that this one would not get brought to a satisfactory level of completion in time and should be resumed at a later date.

Now, for a piece that made it into the final show roster.  Here is the start of Russ Meyer Would Disagree (its working title at the time was Drive-By Ladies a Ladying).  It is one of seven collaborative pieces where either I started the piece and Heidi Hernandez finished it, or vice versa.

Here is an image from a visit to Heidi Hernandez's studio a few weeks prior to the show.  The color on the image below is much more accurate to real life than the image above.

Behold!  Russ Meyer Would Disagree.

Coming soon: Doodles and shelf-treasures!

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