Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back On The Case Part VII: Mine and Yours

Mine and Yours started out as a sketch back in 2011 that I thought I might complete in time to include in Merican-Tastic! (in 2012).  Like several other troublesome pieces it got put on a shelf and was relegated to the 'I'll finish it later' status.  Earlier this past Spring, a solid weekend of glorious rain pulled Mine and Yours out of 'the vault'.

This is what the piece looked like when I took it off the shelf.

Punching up the colors was my 'project' while listening to Little Steven's Underground Garage.  If you haven't heard of The Underground Garage, the door to a whole new life opens HERE!

First, I decided to crack out the palette knife and trowel some yellow action over a base coat of green.

Then I reworked/repainted the right side so the newly added vibrant blue could interact with much more energetic yellow.  I also started to add some line work, but quickly realized that I would inevitably set my forearm in wet paint if I continued.  So I gave the piece a few days to dry before continuing (actually a little over a week).

Through the magic of montage.......a little over a week later I added the rest of the line work.  Now I'll have to wait a few days before I can start adding color.  The thicker paint that I used in the 'Mine' and 'Yours' panels takes radically longer to dry than the thinned paint that I use to fill in the line work.  Some of the thickest paint actually forms a skin over the rest of the paint which stays moist/usable for years. (That's not hyperbole, kids!)

A quick detail shot.

Starting to fill in some of the whites.

I wanted to put faces by the conversation bubbles.  Unfortunately, I rushed the faces (meaning I didn't develop terribly good sketches for them in the first place) and now I'm gonna have to get rid of them before I finish the piece.

Here's what the piece looks like after 'fixing' the faces, but before I added the frame.

The idea for the sides of the frame came pretty quickly.  I wanted to have a couple of knights flanking the image while they stood guard.

A few detail shots of the rest of the frame after I completed painting it.

The finished piece.

Next time we'll tackle some of the EX-CH-AN-GE pieces, and more.....

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