Monday, April 11, 2016

Unknown Drawing Assailant: Vol. I

One of my goals this year was to replenish my sketchbook reservoir of images.  Redrawing technical illustrations from text books, and artbooks.  Make new doodles of road/intersection schematics, billboards, and advertising.  Another source of imagery is the old air handler down in the pit.  Waaaaaay too interesting not to draw.

Here are a few examples of how the pipes, tubes, gauges, and gizmos make it into some of my sketches.

These sketches will become the fuel for both works on canvas and possibly some sculptural works as well.  Their specific future is unknown to me.  What is known, is that these ideas/images must be captured now or they will just be lost.  I'll sort out when/where/how to use them later.

Even our wood scrap box has some visually intriguing compositions going on.

More sketches to come.....

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