Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Unknown Drawing Assailant: Vol. IV

Some of my sketches become carvings.  Some of those carving become carved paddles for my ceramic debris.  Like thus.....

The sketch.

The clay.

Fault zone sketches.

The 'shear wave' drawing became a paddle which I slapped into a sheet of clay.

Nice little bit of the carved texture from the Dremel Tool shows up in the clay shard.

I liked the small text fragment from the 'shear wave' enough that I pressed it into several different drawings.

From time-to-time in my drawings and my painted constructions, you can find an abstracted stop light based on some old blind contour drawings I made ages ago.

It's also a wire drawing.......

.......and stamped in clay.

In a previous post, I showed a few images of my 'Mr. Wonderful' character as seen below (in both a painting, and in 3-Dimensional form).

With just a slight change to 'Mr. Man' (Thank you, Kathy Bates/Annie Wilkes/Misery/Stephen King), Mr. Wonderful is in paddle form and ready to spring into action.

Sometimes I find the imprint(s) on the clay so intriguing, I redraw the image as it was translated into clay and back into a drawing.  So this image below, was a drawing, became a carved paddle, then became a relief drawing in clay (seen above), and now back to a drawing.

This little drawing became a paddle.

That paddle then was used to smack some clay.

And of course, the revelation that 'Yum' spelled backwards is 'Muy'........Mind. Blown.

Until next time..........

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