Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Jefferson Pinder -Ghost Light: Part IV

So far there have been two performances at the Figge Art Museum in conjunction with Jefferson Pinder -Ghost Light.  This Friday will be Soul Bowl, the third and final performance.  As the show grows, the third floor is starting to fill up with videos......

The final stage set was not as complicated to build as the ziggurat was for Token and the barbershop set was for Joe's Barbershop, until it became time to fabricate the railing.......

But first we had to make the base/platform.  It may look like I'm napping on the job (or hugging my work), but I'm actually bending the sheet of luan plywood over the frame (and resting my eyes).

The original plan was to have two flatscreen TVs mounted flush into a couple of temporary walls and have the platform for The Conversation directly in front of them.

At the end of the day, the temporary walls just weren't working the way we had hoped, so they got edited from the final display/installation.  The best laid plans of mice and men......

Once the base/platform was in place, it was time to construct a railing to help enclose the space, yet still make it feel inviting/comfortable.  Time to go back into the shop.

I cut twenty upright support boards out of MDF.  Some say that MDF stands for medium density fiberboard.  What it actually stands for is: The Devil Relentlessly Blows Sawdust In Your Face.

Once all of the uprights were cut, they received a quick coat of paint.  After they dried, it was time to slide them into the notches I cut in the top and bottom railings.

A little more paint to smooth everything out and.......

......POW! Railings for The Conversation.

If you are curious to go back and see how the show all came together, here are three links to previous posts I have regarding the making of Jefferson Pinder -Ghost Light.

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It has been a rewarding experience and interesting technical challenge to work with Jefferson Pinder to help bring his project to fruition.  If somehow you haven't checked out his website yet, now is your chance!  Just click this link:  He's got mountains of cool work/projects/thought journeys to explore.

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  1. "but I'm actually bending the sheet of luan plywood" uh-huh, sure. SLEEPING! lol. Seriously though, nice work!