Monday, March 11, 2013

Back On The Case Part II: Imminent Departure

A quicky.

I was very close to including Imminent Departure in Merican-Tastic! when I realized that the piece needed a more cohesive/comprehensive top layer of imagery and that a carved frame might also be needed to flesh out the new wave of ideas that were brewing in my head.  I took some notes, drew some sketches, and then shelved Imminent Departure until I could get back to it.  Here is a link to my post about the evolution of the piece prior to making the decision to not include it in Merican-Tastic! (older post).

The time has come to re-open the case....

Imminent Departure as it came out of 'the vault'.

When the piece came off of the shelf, I felt it really only needed a few more images on the top layer, so I combed my sketchbooks looking for appropriate candidates for inclusion. I was intrigued by the use of white in the figures with just a sparing bit of green for an accent.  My sketches expand that idea for the topmost layer of imagery.  I had 'a plan', but modified it with the inclusion of some text.

The addition of all of the 'Pops' is fairly minor one on a visual level -they actually don't demand that much attention and don't carry too much visual 'weight'.


A quick detail shot.

However, the balance of the piece changed when I decided to include 'Mr. Anthropomorphic Value-Sized Tasty Beverage' instead of another face/mask/character I was planning to add.  Part of 'his' appeal was his obnoxious and cumbersome name.  The consequence of this new addition was that the bottom half of my canvas/image is now visually denser/heavier than originally anticipated.

Another detail shot to show how much of the previous layers of imagery still show through.

This is what the bottom half looks like before I add any white.  What I had thought I would include near the top of the image will be inadequate, so it's back to the drawing board.

On the bright side, I am fairly eager to tackle this piece, so I doubt it will be another 8 months before I work on it again.......

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