Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grab Bag of Progress: Part I

These are some of the other pieces I am kicking along towards completion.  They may or may not be completed in time for Ill-Suited For The Pleasantries.

There's a good chance this piece is going to be called Hemisphere.

This piece is coming along in the 'process' relatively far without somehow getting a title.  I think as the imagery begins to solidify a title will suggest itself.

A decent shot of the surface to give and idea of how the 'relief components' work with the rest of the piece.

Just a few more elements.....

Now it's time to add some color.  I'm leaning towards returning the whole piece to its original color scheme with just some extra background 'white noise' so the colors probably won't be fairly bold and contrast-y with the base image.

But then I noticed an old palette with a cool purple color on it that I mixed for a totally separate painting and never used.

Yeah, that purple.....

...and actually I have a pretty nice blue that's just getting a thicker 'skin' on it everyday.

So basically, the muted color scheme just got thrown out the window for this layer.  Future layers of imagery may bring the piece closer to the original color scheme.  Incidentally, I'm starting to refer to this piece as The Promised Land (Of Sky Blue Waters).  That might stick as a title.

After adding a few more details.

Now it's ready to be hazed over.

And just like that, it's hazed over.

Now for something completely different.....

No-Tay-Shun after the addition of some 'hot pink' -a modern cure-all if ever there was one.

This is now the second image I have posted that is, for some reason unknown to me, extremely large.  Not quite sure why.........

Moving along, this next piece has the working title of  Dreamscape D-Lux.  As always, titles and images are subject to change.

I'm in the process of laying down the first layer of imagery.  The head shape, thought bubbles, and the chunk of corrugated cardboard are really the only things that are keepers.  The rest of the image is on 'probation'.

95% of the way done applying color on the first layer -just a few things left at the uppermost bit of the canvas.

Everything has color.

Now to subdue some portions of top.  It's not much when you compare it to the image directly above, but its just enough to change the visual emphasis.

Seeing how well the image works, I may not add another layer of imagery to this piece.....

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