Thursday, January 2, 2014


Good Grief.  Some pieces are harder to love than others.

I'll have to dig around and see if I have an earlier image of 'Stuntman' that pre-dates the one below.  I think I can sum up how hard Stuntman is 'to love' by saying that in multiple piece EX-CH-AN-GEs with Terry Rathje and Heidi Hernandez, when I have given them free pick of available pieces to work on, both artists have repeatedly rejected the 'opportunity' to finish Stuntman.

I guess it's time to do my own dirty work.

Initially I wanted to lay down a few shapes and some masses of color.

Once that dried, I began to add some line work.

....and a touch more....

Several hours later.........line work................done!

My initial plan is to add some isolated patches of vibrant colors as an underlayer before I haze everything out with a wash of white/yellow ochre.  The plan* is to return the surface to the khaki color I started with, just with a bunch of 'activity' below the surface.  *Please note the plan may be subject to abrupt revision.

Here it is before I go in and add some more line work to flesh out some areas.

All nice and 'fleshy'.

I want to put the finishing touches on a few more areas -including adding a face to the large figure in a space suit with a doll house torso on the left before I consider the possible 'hazing' in Stuntman's future.

Something like this.....

That pretty much sums up the first layer.  I'll live with it for a few days and see if more layers of imagery are in the works.

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