Wednesday, March 9, 2016

North On 71: Artist Profile -Melody Monroe

North On 71 is pleased to showcase the ceramic works of Melody Monroe.

Although her primary focus is ceramics, Melody has demonstrated a knack for a wide array of media and approaches.  Here is a shot of Sumiyo, Melody, and Abby in front of their collaborative installation for the BBOC Project in the Fall of 2015.

.....and although covered in clay, one of Melody's bolder experiments was to make an Easter Island head figure with a mixed media armature and a 'skin' of un-fired clay on top.

By the time it was completed, it stood over five feet tall -this was no small accomplishment.

A close up of some of the surface texture on her sculpture.

Melody Monroe's studio work exhibits a high level of craftsmanship and a great deal of whimsy.

Melody Monroe's cool and crisp ceramics -yet another reason to come see North On 71 during NCECA 2016!

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