Monday, March 7, 2016

North On 71: Artist Profile -Tia Calkins

Remember 'Tia With Chainsaw' from an earlier post about our wood fire back in December?  Click on this Link to to that earlier post if you be needin' to refresh your memory.

With her chainsawing days behind her, Tia Calkins is focused on making cool artwork for North On 71.  She works with clay, plaster, and glass (and paint).  Here she is giving the stink eye to one of her ceramic sculptures.

After an appropriate period of 'stink eye-in' has elapsed, she dives back in to work.

Tia is pretty adventurous in her studio work.  Texture plays a big role in her oeuvre.  Below are a few examples of her pieces we pulled from the wood fire kiln last December.

Here is a sneak peek at some of her mixed media plaster works.

You can see some of Tia Calkins' work at North On 71 going on during NCECA 2016 in Kansas City.  If you can't wait to see more, please go to her website by clicking HERE (

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