Friday, March 11, 2016

North On 71: Artist Profile -Veronica Watkins

The main reason why North On 71 is happening is due to the determination and enthusiasm of Veronica Watkins.  She has contacted all of the artists, sifted through endless text messages, and made time to create a whole bunch of new work for the show.

She has fired a few 'test kilns' to see how new/different glazes will look on her forms.

.....just a few......

She was integral to making our wood fire last December a success (including showing up with a truckload of wood and a wood-splitter at 11pm so we could continue to keep the firing going).  Here are some of her pieces from that firing.  You can read more about it by clicking HERE and/or HERE.

Veronica spraying glaze on one of her platters.

Detail work.

Inexplicably happy about a jet of flame during our 2nd soda fire before North On 71 opens and the NCECA 2016 Conference happens.

Of course, her hard work and perseverance pays off when you see her work and the subtle interactions of colors and beautiful surface textures......

A few of her platters before they are put into the glaze fire.

Some of Veronica's pitchers during her glazing process.  These will show up later during this post after they have gone through a soda firing.....

.....and some of her platters........

Let's take a look at some of Veronica's work that just came out of the soda kiln this morning....

Check out the texture on this mug.

Robusto!  Veronica Watkins -the driving force behind North On 71.

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