Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Beginnings Of Go West

I'm looking at creating roughly 20-25 new pieces for Socrates, Soup Cans, and The Cola Wars Pop Culture Palimpsest.  Many of them will be canvases with carved frames.

Go West started out as just a little doodle, but there is a certain bit of persistent spunk to the idea which I can no longer ignore.  Time to make it an actual piece.

I am reusing an old canvas from my old Dialog Series of works.  There used to be a giant double burger attached to the surface of this canvas.  I had hoped to find a full image of the double burger on my hard drive to insert into this post.  However, my hard drive, much like my studio is a bit of an organizational adventure.  This is all you're gonna get.

It's an excellent opportunity to 'repair' the holes by stitching on some patches before I start putting any paint down on the surface.

After a few washes of color, it looks like this.

I really like the open area in the center of the composition.  I think any subsequent layers of imagery will be used to enhance the clutter around the edges (leaving the center comparatively intact).

For my next trick, I shall comb my sketch books for imagery....

Once I have selected some of the images I wish to utilize, I begin to paint in the lines.

I'm gonna let this dry for about a week and then I'll start adding some color(s) to it.  I was initially thinking I might add an additional layer on top of this one.  After staring at the canvas for a bit, I don't think it needs it.  Therefore, it's time to move on to the frame.  Here are a few glimpses of the it so far....

I finally found a use for my 'Jalopy Billboard'!

Miles to go before I sleep...

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