Monday, August 19, 2013

Merican-Tastic! Mayhem: Part II


In the next two weeks, I will be in three separate art shows and giving one artist talk/lecture at The Figge Art Museum.  Needless to say, time is at a premium.  So let's go image heavy on this one.

Progress shots for works going into 'Merican-Tastic II: The Son Of Tastic!'.  Here are some of Skylyne Dryve...

...detail shots....

On to the line work for High Noon On The Streets Of Reason.

Mr. Doodsworth.....

Mr. 6-Gun Baddie McBadderson.....

More images forthcoming of our EX-CH-AN-GE pieces, carved frames, show installation(s), show removal(s), and more!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Merican-Tastic! Mayhem: Part I

With less than a month to go before the opening of Merican-Tastic! II: The Son of Tastic!,the studio is buzzin' with activity.  Please note that in this instance, the term buzzin' should be read to mean I have so many unfinished projects lying around the studio that it has become an idiot obstacle course.

That being said, with a flurry of activity, comes a flurry of progress images.  The working title for this piece is Critical Mass Sans Polar Nuclei.  Not terribly poetic, so there is a good chance it will be modified before show time.

Here are some shots as the piece develops.  Right now I am just adding 'the black layer' which is primarily line work.  I am also painting around multiple 3-dimensional forms that I have attached to the surface of the canvas.

After the black paint has dried, I come back about a week later and clean up the edges with a coat of white paint.

 Looking at the piece in this configuration, I realize it needed more compositional elements (stuff) going on the in the center of the piece to guide the eye around the composition.

Time to fill in the canvas with some kind of meaningful activity.

...and add some value/color.

...getting closer to the final configuration.

It still needed some last minute line work, like finishing this face, to make things work.

Although Critical Mass Sans Polar Nuclei may someday receive the addition of a carved frame, any ideas I have for one are just beginning to gestate, so there will be no carved frame for the show.

Stay tuned for more progress reports on pieces to be included in Merican-Tastic! II: The Son of Tastic! (Opening reception is Friday, September 6th from 6-9pm at Quad City Arts in Rock Island)