Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Year in Review: A Thing That Happened...

 2021 was a productive year in the studio.  I started a bunch of new pieces and cultivated some new directions.  I was a bit remiss on posting about them.

I had the good fortune of being able to teach ceramics again this year.  Here are just a couple pieces from this Fall's output.  I still have 14 pieces to fire, so these will receive more in-depth coverage in future posts (in 2022). 

Several pieces that I started in 2020 got pushed closer to completion.

A few pieces in-progress...

I started a new flag-based series.  Currently untitled...

This piece, Pulchritude For The Masses has one of the flag pieces behind it.  I really like how that blue looks and I am strongly considering making a second panel on top with that blue + stars to duplicate what is happening in this image.

Good ole' Big Cheese Monkey Nuts.

I am also making several canvases in order to pair them together.  This might be a pairing in the making?

Captain Galactikka got a face (and a chest logo) this year.

I started Ship of Fools.

And I had a show (Construct/Destruct) back in the Spring at Bereskin Gallery (check them out!  Here a re a few of the pieces that were in that show.

...and a few more...

So long 2021.  You were a thing that happened.