Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mystic Guru Gets A Workin': Part I

Pop Song: Mystic Guru back in 2010 from the show Things Of Which Our Mothers Would Not Approve.

A couple preliminary sketches/doodles from back in the day.

I always felt that the frame was way better than the painting, so it's time for another layer of imagery for Mystic Guru in order to address this imbalance.

Now to fill in the colors.

And one last little section with a few more lines.  I will come back in a few days and add some color to this area.

....and Boom, color.

It was obvious even before I added any colors to this layer, that I would probably be compelled to add (at least) one more layer of imagery to the piece  -something a little more visually dominant and conceptually relevant to what is taking place on the carved frame.  So let's dive into that, shall we?

A battle plan sketch...

Time to lay down some lines.


Even after all of these changes, I can't say that I'm satisfied with where the piece is headed.  I still plan to finish the detailing in this layer, but I'm already envisioning the need to go further.....

I have some collage elements I wish to bring into the composition.

Some relief elements along with a strip of canvas from my recently decommissioned piece Critical Mass Sans Polar Nuclei.  Things are already working better.

Compositionally, it's starting to come together.

Time to celebrate by applying a haze layer....