Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tower Stack Construction Thing

I'll start off by saying this piece will get a better title as soon as possible.  Right now we're stuck with Tower Stack Construction Thing. Accurate, but not so poetic.

I'm doing some test configurations for the tower stack construction.  I'm just trying different things out to see how they look.

I like that mask form at the top, but visually it is too heavy for what I want from this piece, so I think it will find its way into a different/future piece.

But I like the mask form enough that I want to do a couple other test configurations with it just to see how they look.  The pointed oval with the three circles is a component I made a while back for another piece that when I brought everything together, it just didn't work.  So I have been cannibalizing those components ever since.

A quick detail shot of the mask form.

Back to the task at hand.

This is the arrangement I settled on.  I'm already not quite happy with the strong horizontal and vertical movement I have in the base.  Arizona artist Holly Swangstu recommended I make the base area denser.  I think that is exactly what I am going to do.  You should go check out Holly Swangstu's cool fiber-based artwork by clicking this link: https://www.hollyswangstu.com/About

Now I have made it both denser at that bottom and broken up the horizontals/verticals with several diagonal lines.

We'll close with a few detail shots.

I have to let this dry for a few weeks before I even try to consider if I am going to do more with/to it.  Right now I'm fairly content with how it looks.

Next time we'll take a peek at some other works in progress...