Thursday, May 5, 2022

Onward With Kyklopes!

When we last left Kyklopes, I had threatened to hit the whole piece with a hazing layer of paint.  I have made good on that threat.

It's dry and ready to go.

Now for the second layer of imagery...

This is the first pass of line work for the second layer.

I need to figure what additional things I wish to add and where they will go.  Time to hit the sketchbook(s) again!

After a successful sketchbook consultation, it's time to implement...

When all is said and done, it looks something kinda like this.

I'm also 90% sure I want to pair Kyklopes with Kyklopes Tower.  I may even possibly add a third panel?

Next time we'll check out a grab bag of progress...

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Spent last!

 Ahhhhh, Spent Youth. Not only is Spent Youth a piece that took me years to bring to a satisfactory conclusion, it has sat in a corner of my studio undocumented for nearly 5 years.  I figured while I was moving out of my studio this Spring I should finally pop a few pictures of Spent Youth and post them on my blog.

This piece is choc full of goofiness from my childhood.  I look back (primarily) with great fondness for those times, and this piece, in part, is an homage to long summers, creative exploration at its truest roots, and unfettered fun.  It wasn't a misspent youth, it was a Spent Youth

Next time we'll check in with Kyklopes.