Monday, December 30, 2019

2019. The Year In Review

You know how at the end of the year there always seems to be several 'countdowns' or 'look backs' at the year that was.  It's always hosted by some celebrity-esque celebrity who seems to babble on more about the past year than just show the highlight clips (which is what you really wanted to see in the first place)?

Unlike that kind of year-end review, I'm basically gonna back up a dump truck full of 2019 and just spill it out all over the place and then drive off into 2020...

Midway through the year I was part of a two-person show called  Not Windmills/But Giants -at Gallery Victor Armendariz in Chicago.  Here are four of the pieces I had in the show.

Quest(shun). 2018.

Interloper.  2014.

Squishy Rumba.  2013.

The Transitive Property of Yesterday.  2013.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

I almost forgot!  Two major milestones were reached this past year.  I finally have a good website: 

...and, I finally have business cards! (Both thanks to the efforts of Kathy Betcher!).

And just like that, the year is over!...oh wait, this is the end of a decade!

Maybe I should have done a 'very special' look back at the decade in the studio...?