Saturday, June 27, 2020

Detour Crossroad: Part I

The beginnings of Detour Crossroad.

Now for some line work to be added into the equation.

The mustachioed gentleman is Double Diamond Man from Double Diamond Beer.

I think everything is in place on the first layer.  Time to let this dry and then add some color in about a week or so.

Next time we check in with Detour Crossroad, it will be more colorful.

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Spark of an Idea: Vol. III

Sometimes the smallest things can generate an idea (or even ideas -if you're lucky).  When I was removing the hooks from the back of The Big Show (you can read about that piece by clicking on this LINK) , seeing the hook just made me think of the eye-hook hanger that would complete the transaction.  From there, a whole piece just popped into my head.

I knew if I didn't jot down this fleeting idea quickly it would dissipate just as quickly as it formed.  Since I wasn't close to any of my sketchbooks, I just did a quick finger doodle in my 'Notes' app on my phone.  Here's that drawing -just enough to remind me of what I was thinking.

Months later I finally got around to tackling that idea.  I started with a thumbnail sketch...

...and then I moved on to laying out the piece on a canvas.

Once I had the hooked pieces satisfactorily arranged, I laid down some cardboard so I could draw out the other shapes needed to complete the composition.

Before I cut the shapes out, I write numbers on the various shapes.  The numbers on the different sections/shapes are to remind me how thick (layers of cardboard) I want to make each section.  Because once these sections are all cut out, they may reside in a plastic grocery bag for quite a while before I get back to working on this piece again.  I can't trust in 3 weeks or 3 months that I will remember what I was thinking today.

The basic layout...

...looks similar to the original sketch.

As an added bonus I've included some negative shapes that were generating while cutting out the shapes I wanted.  They might spark ideas of their own.  Who knows?

Next time we'll look at some other things, or maybe some stuff...

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Playing With Matches: Vol. II

The piece, Matches, has sat around for several weeks without receiving any attention.  It is time to remedy that situation.

A few more colors...

The first layer is nearly finished.

Some time during this process, I need to develop a better title for this piece other than Matches -there's no poetry in how 'matches' rolls off your tongue.  But first, let me add a little bit more color to finish off this first layer.

Now it's time for a proper hazing...

What to do for the next layer?  What to do?

All the line work is done.  I'll let it dry for a week or two.

Next time we take a look at Matches, I'll be laying down some color, and hopefully calling the piece something other than Matches...

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Haze Layer For The White Sign

These first several images serve as a recap of what has gone into making The White Sign so far.  I should also point out that I am hoping to come up with a different/better title for this piece, but for right now, The White Sign is all I've got to offer...

So that's how everything looked before receiving its first hazing coat of white.

Here's the first haze layer.

Now I'm gearing up for a second wash of white.  I start by squeezing out long logs of white paint on the canvas.  Then I start to smear the paint around with a brush and a lot of paint thinner.  I wish I had more images of the 'wash' process, but usually when I start that process, I get so involved with the paint, that I completely forget about the camera.

And this is what the second layer of the haze wash looks like.

I may add a third hazing (and possibly even a fourth?!?), but that would merely be fine tuning what is already evident here.

Next time we'll take a look at something slightly more colorful.