Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Haze Layer For The White Sign

These first several images serve as a recap of what has gone into making The White Sign so far.  I should also point out that I am hoping to come up with a different/better title for this piece, but for right now, The White Sign is all I've got to offer...

So that's how everything looked before receiving its first hazing coat of white.

Here's the first haze layer.

Now I'm gearing up for a second wash of white.  I start by squeezing out long logs of white paint on the canvas.  Then I start to smear the paint around with a brush and a lot of paint thinner.  I wish I had more images of the 'wash' process, but usually when I start that process, I get so involved with the paint, that I completely forget about the camera.

And this is what the second layer of the haze wash looks like.

I may add a third hazing (and possibly even a fourth?!?), but that would merely be fine tuning what is already evident here.

Next time we'll take a look at something slightly more colorful.

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