Friday, October 30, 2015

Buddhistikal Goodness: Bob Schultz Style

Just outside my Fine Arts office is Bob Schultz's studio.  Bob has a solo exhibition coming up at Living Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma (check them out: Bob is consistently in his studio making work, but right now he  has been feverishly creating pieces specifically for the show.  Everyday I get to see his progress when I open my office door.  Check it out for yourself.

Bob is making what he calls Buddha-Bear/Buddha-Buddies.

Here are a few shots of his studio.

To get the look of a fabric-wrapped figure, Bob actually wraps his sculptures in a cotton sheet (which as been thoroughly coated with a thick clay slip with deflockulant (which helps the clay flow easier)).  The sheet burns away during the firing process, but leaves behind the fired clay (which holds all of the folds and draping of the sheet).

A few 'installation shots' to close out this post.

In a couple upcoming posts, I'll show some of the work other artists create for The Moengo Festival of Visual Arts in Suriname.