Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Suriname Chronicles: Part I

I'm in the process of making several shaped canvases/painted constructions for a fantastically cool project in Suriname later this Summer.  I have a lot to get completed in a fairly short amount of time.

After selecting a few silhouettes from my sketch books, I cut out the shapes and then adhere canvas to the surface.

After they have dried, I add the base layer of imagery.

I've been using a scrap piece of wood to rest my arm on as I am laying down the line work.  I hadn't really given any thought to the scrap wood's origin until it fit so nicely with this piece.

Back to work.

You can also see in the background the two 'starts' I received from Jen Evans a few weeks back.  They might also find their way into the mix.

Time to apply some color.

Since Jen Evans' paintings were nearby, it's natural that they would have some influence on what was going on in the rest of my studio.  Her honeycomb motif found its way into one of my base layers.

More on the Suriname project in upcoming posts.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Yet Another Quicky.

Recently I was thumbing through one of my older sketch books and decided to re-draw/re-interpret/remix several of the drawings in a newer sketchbook.  As I was redrawing this one, it seemed like it should be made into an actual physical object.

A little while later.......

As an added bonus, the remaining negative shapes are robusto enough that I will utilize them in a future piece as well.

Remember, negative shapes are your friend.