Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Saint Ambrose Faculty Show

Come check out the 2018 Faculty and Staff Exhibition at the Catich Gallery at Saint Ambrose University.  The show runs from August 13th-September 16th.  The opening reception is August 29th from 5-7pm.  There will be a Q/A session at 4pm.

Alison Filley...

Christopher Reno...

Heidi Hernandez (who will be part of a group show called 'Dr. Portmanteau's Galorium Emporium' with Mr. Terry Rathje and I in October at Black Hawk College (more about this in a future post)...

Joseph Lappie (who just had a very successful solo show at the Figge Art Museum called Personal Mythologies.  You can read more about it by clicking on this LINK to the Figge Art Museum's website!)...

Kathryn M. Anderson...

Kristin Quinn...

Randy Richmond...

Renee Meyer Ernst...

Steve Banks...

and some wonderful political 'cartoons'/paintings/commentaries/scathing political commentaries from Les Bell.

The show runs from now until September 16th.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Pop Up Show For Alternating Currents: Part I

So guess what? We're having a pop up show at the brand spankin' new Scott Community College Urban Campus location to run in conjunction with the Alternating Currents Festival in downtown Davenport this weekend only!

Right out of the gate we have these cool signs made by none other than Mr. Terry Rathje.  One of his many vocational callings over the years was a professional sign painter.  So handy that Rathje he gave me top billing (I'm sure it has nothing to do with spacing issues)!

Dean Kugler brought in a few of his recent studio endeavors.  One of his ghosting series pieces.

His most excellent winged figure with a truly robusto patina.  If it looks familiar to you, it might be because it was one of several of his pieces in Relic -a show at Quad City Arts which just recently came down.  You can read about Relic by clicking this LINK!

He also sneaked in a new piece.  It is a figure half encased in resin.

Pretty damn captivating.

We also have a few pieces from David "Big Rig" Otto.  They are fun allegorical pieces.

Ok, this next one is more on the creepy side than the sparkling fun side, but you get the idea.

Since retiring from Western Illinois University a few months ago, Terry Rathje has been able to kick it into overdrive in the studio making sculptures/furniture pieces.

They are totally functional pieces, but after a moment or two, you realize they are also miniature landscapes that you can mentally project yourself into.

One of my personal favs is the Waterfall Cabinet.  Open.



Troy Swangstu made the trek up from Kansas City to contribute some of his paintings.  Troy just recently had an amazing show at Bereskin Gallery in Bettendorf and is currently having a kickass show down at the Leedy-Voulkos Gallery in Kansas City.  You can check out more of Troy's work by clicking on this LINK!

I went through the vault and dug out some 'vintage' pieces along with a couple from my In/ConFLUENCE show at Quad City Arts this past December.  You can read more about that show by clicking on this LINK!

The first incarnation of KC/QC is up through Sunday at Scott Community College's Urban Campus location.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Frame For Collectors' Issue

A quicky for your viewing pleasure...

Collectors' Issue needs a carved frame -and it needs it pronto.  With no time to waste, I crack out my trusty Dremel Tool and dive in.

Nearing the home stretch on the carving...

Now that all of the carving is completed, it is time to paint the frame.

Here is Collectors' Issue on the wall at The Figge Art Museum.

Pop Culture Palimpsest is only up for a few more weeks.  Stop by the Figge Art Museum during the upcoming Alternating Currents Festival in downtown Davenport the weekend of August 23rd-26th and check out my show.  What?!?  You haven't heard of the Alternating Currents Festival?  Your homework assignment is to go check out  There will be a test!