Sunday, August 28, 2022

Relic of The Republic: The Tower of Ooo-Eee-Ooo-Eee-Ooo-Eee-Ooo


I've been in the ceramics study lately bringing a few pieces to fruition for my Relic of The Republic series. This one is the Tower of Ooo-Eee-Ooo-Eee-Ooo.

Early stages.

Here it is hanging out in the kiln room until it becomes bone dry and able to be fired in a bisque kiln.

Loaded and ready to go.

Time to glaze.

After the glaze fire, I felt the crescent was far too dark to be acceptable, so I added an ocher crackle glaze to sit on the surface and lighten it up.  Here it is looking dark and brooding.

So I hit with some glaze in a few areas and re-fired it to 2232 degrees Fahrenheit.

A few more detail shots...

Here's a couple shots with the piece in its natural habitat.

Buckle up, we're gonna see more ceramics in the next several posts - unless I show y'all some vacation photos...