Friday, November 29, 2019

(At Least) One More For The Crown Sign

So this is what The Crown Sign looked like when I decided it needed to have (at least) one more layer of imagery added to it.

Time to get to it

This was one of my color/paint palettes I was using.

I added several large areas of a brownish-red.

Quick pause to see where we are...

Time to add the yellows and a blue.

The color distribution of my yellows didn't penetrate the upper half of the composition as well I wanted, so I added a couple extra figures to bring them up closer to the top.

Although these two figures helped to bring a more pleasing color distribution/balance to the piece, I feel that the original focus of the piece (the actual Crown Sign from which the piece gets its working title) was becoming less of a focal point.  The flat black of the sign just made it a visually dead area, so I modified it by adding some gestural passages of color.

Even with that, the white noise of the line work images was becoming too dominant, so I hazed over the whole affair and then I went in with just straight up paint (not my usually thinned down method of working).

Here are a 'after' few detail shots.

I'm unsure where this one is headed.  I actually thought I might be done at this point, but I am far from it.  Stay tuned for other happenings in the studio...