Monday, February 23, 2015

How To Be Gentleman Of Leisure Part I

Sometimes discarded or unused elements/components/ideas from earlier pieces just need to be brought together to create something more compelling than what they were initially intended to be a part of.  I'm hoping this is the case with 'How To Be A Gentleman Of Leisure'.

So going into this piece I had an idea of a title, a canvas with a couple of layers of history on it, a cool shape that was primed and ready to be adhered to a canvas, and some carved wooden letter blocks.  Now all I need are some numbers and maybe a suit-dude.

Before I dive into making numbers and suit-dudes, I need to get my glue stick 'ammo' in order.

Time to fire up the hot glue gun.

A few days later I was ready to adhere everything to the canvas and prime the fabric.

Let the (paint) games begin!  Initially, I just want to get down some basic colors to have in place so I can react to how they interact and fine tune the colors from there.  There is no guarantee that any of these beginning colors will be visible in the finished product.

Even though my initial color choices were under-considered and a bit obnoxious, I kind of like how they are interacting with each other and so may keep them.

Now for some of the beginning line work.

Line work for this layer is basically down.  I will let it dry for a few days and then add some color(s).

.....and just a few more.

This one needs to dry for a few days before I make anymore decisions on what to do to/with it.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Grab Bag of Progress Part VI

Checking in on the progress of a few pieces.

Laying down the first layer of line work on Mr. Peanut.

The reward for spending hours laying down black lines is I get to spend several more hours going back through with color(s).

The first layer of color for the dollar sign-esque piece.

The calm before the storm.  Within/Without before I haze over the whole thing.

So anyway, let's get to it.




....and mega-After.

Let's close with a quick peek at the top layer for Hemisphere Jr.