Friday, September 27, 2019

The Crown Sign: Vol. II

Before I finish adding color to the base layer of imagery on The Crown Sign, I need to add a bit more line work.


The lines are in place, now I just need to wait a few days before I can finish the color part of the show.

The 'Noir' filter to make it all dramatic and such

Now that everything has dried, it is time to finish adding color.

Painting in the shadow of Lil' Seezer!

Ahhhhh, the magic of Bubble Nutz Cola.  So refreshing!

The Bubble Nutz Cola Celebrity Endorser!

Painting the lines on the road.

Roadside dining options.

The first layer is done and waiting to dry.

A quick peek through the 'Noir' filter shows me that I could use a few more darker values in the final composition.  Something to keep in mind as I figure out what the next layer is going to be.

I just got back into a painting mood, so next time we'll take a look at some more progress on a painted construction (or two!)...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The New Website

My old website was a string of missteps and misadventures.  First of all, I used FLASH to make it.  Then I found out that FLASH was becoming extinct/obsolete.  My website was too chaotic, too dense, and too slow.

Another problem with a website (in general and in my opinion) is you primarily showcase finished work there.  So maybe, just maybe, I might add 10-15 images per year to the website.  10-15 images annually is not much of a reason to visit a website.  And since a lot of my work is built up layers of imagery, most of that work would never be seen by the general public.  Those in-progress, behind-the-scenes shots are for Facebook and Instagram.  The descriptions of the process and those behind-the-scenes in-progress shots are for this blog.

So back to the website.  I needed something to be created using HTML5 (not FLASH) and way more eloquent and refined than what I typically put together.  So I brought in a professional graphic designer, Kathy Betcher, to help create my website.  She has the calm and refined design sense I needed to make!

I had to dig around in my archive to find several of these pieces.  If an image existed just as slides, it is now lost to the annals of history...

Here are some older ones:



Mr. Snicklebones.


The Guardians.

An Evening At Smitty's.


Barbarians At The Gate.


The Fantastico Mr. Bombastico.

Some more obscure ones:

Game of Chance Part II: Bonedance.

Mr. Falcon Finds A Stranger In The Alps.

You and Me.

Relative Location (Redux).

D-Lux Daydream D-Vine.

Divided By...

Nursery Rhyme.

A few newer ones:

Flowchart: Love and Sex.

How To Be A Gentleman of Leisure.


Promised Land (of Sky Blue Waters).

A few collaborative pieces with both Heidi Hernandez and Terry Rathje:

Froot Pie. 

Neat Trick. 


Passages: River of Deceit and Knot House



And even a few from Pop Culture Palimpsest:

All of the photos from Pop Culture Palimpsest (the good looking images) are courtesy of Mr. Keith Nestor from  He's a miracle worker, just see the picture directly below, and then compare it with the image immediately below that.

Like I said, Keith is a miracle worker.

When you get a chance, please go check out:

Next time we'll check out some more studio-based mayhem!