Monday, October 31, 2022

There and Back Again: 2022 Edition. Part Dos

 Ahhhhh, where were we?  Oh, yes. The West Coast.  After a quick stop in Portland, Oregon, we moseyed on up to Seattle.  Here are several shots from in/around our hotel room.  A actually took these as reference photos for more building/skyscraper paintings.  They will eventually find their way into my studio work.

One of the things we did was travel to Tacoma to visit the Museum of Glass (MOG).  I got to chat with Lynette Martin.  You don't remember her?  She was part of the team that MOG sent to the Figge Art Museum back into 2014 to lead the installation of Landscape.  You should check it out by clicking this link for Part 1 or this link for Part 2.  Anyway, it was super great to see Lynnette again and we were both waaaaay more relaxed/chill than the last time we saw each other.

A quick sunset before we started the trek back to the Midwest.

Some Washington goodness.

We slipped through Idaho and into Montana.  In Missoula, we stopped at 4Bs Restaurant.  I hadn't been to one since 2016 in Miles City.  This location straddles the river, so obviously we had to sit so I could look out over the river while enjoying a patty melt and 4Bs renowned tomato soup.  The view and the food hit the spot.

A postcard image...

Some absolutely beautiful vistas in southern Montana.

Back into Idaho for the evening and then east into Wyoming the next day.

Grand Tetons National Park is always a treat for the eyes.

Tourist family being harassed by large camera-wielding bear at Grand Tetons...

I had to take a picture of my lone tree still out there fighting the good fight.  I snapped a picture of this tree a few years ago when I passed through this way.  You can check out that trip by clicking on this LINK.

If Grand Tetons National Park is a treat for your eyes, than Yellowstone National Park is a treat for your soul.  Unfortunately, it was my turn to drive, so I only snagged this one shot.  You'll just have to go there and see it for yourself.

We continued East through the Big Horn Mountains (taking the southern route) and headed on to The Badlands and the Black Hills - both locals are stunning in their own right. 


A couple views while exploring in The Black Hills.

The next day we powered through the long drive back to Eastern Iowa.  The journey was complete.  15 days.  10 different states.

Next time we'll check out some studio endeavors.