Thursday, January 27, 2022

A Freshly Painted Black Wall Is A Thing That Shan't Be Wasted.

 Thanks DaWG!

Recently, I decided that I wanted to make some bases for a few of my ceramic sculptures.  I wanted to make something that visually harmonized with the ceramic pieces.  So I built the follow three bases out of scrap materials in my studio.  Once assembled, I hit them with several coats of paint.

The paint was used primarily to 'seal' the wood and fabric so when I used my more expensive metallic surfacer paints, I didn't have to use so much of them.  I started with a layer of copper surfacer and then once it dried I hit the bases with 2 coats of the iron metallic surfacer.  My hope was to get a little bit of the copper verdigris to show through.

There's the verdigris showing through.

Here I am testing out how the three sculptures look on their respective bases.

The tests looked good, so I actually painted the wall black to hide all of the paint drips and mayhem that are normally on my wall so I could obtain some photogrenic shots of my pieces.

So here are the 'photogenic' images of these three ceramic/mixed media sculptures.

And since my wall was freshly painted, I grabbed a few canvases and shot some images of those as well.

Next time we'll take a look an ongoing canvas that is hopefully nearing completion.