Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The First Layer For The White Sign

Since I've had a little extra bit of free time these last few days, I decided to tackle painting on a canvas I have kind of been avoiding because I knew it was going to take several days to paint.

No more excuses, it's time to paint.

I kept my color palette limited to just 4 muted colors.  In a couple areas, I relied on the base color(s) to show through, but for the most part it was just four colors.

A couple shots to show the raised sculptural bits.

5 days later...

I have a few details to touch up once all of this dries -in about a week or so.  I had originally planned for this piece to have one or two layers of imagery that would be mostly washed over so they just gave a slight contribution to the final image.  I'm not sure how strongly I feel about that idea at the moment.  The big question is, "Will I haze this one over?"  I honestly don't know.  We'll see...

Saturday, March 14, 2020

200 lbs. of Ceramical Fun: Part II

The pieces keep a rolling out and the kilns keep a firing.

As my stacks/towers/abandoned signs/structures start coming out of the kiln after being bisque-fired, I need to make some choices regarding color schemes/relationships.  Here are the first few intrepid pieces in an old wooden drawer I salvaged over 10 years ago.  The difference in color balance between some of the pieces is remarkable.  The warmer (but shinier) pieces were shot on my phone, the cooler (more accurate) ones were done on my 10-year old point-and-shoot camera.


The surface has more of a glare than I am used to.

Point and shoot camera.

The color scheme is a mix of St. John's black, metallic black (to stain the cracks), iron rust, frosty crystal (a white crackle glaze), and nutmeg.  The pieces are fired to cone 6 (2232 degrees Fahrenheit).

Camera on phone.

Point-and-shoot camera.

The sign/oval showcases what that Frosty Crystal glaze does.

The St. John's Black is the crawling glaze on the diagonal beam.

This is that old shelf I mentioned at the top of this post.  I made several (but not all) of my pieces so the could potentially fit in this box or one that has yet to be fabricated.

We'll close with a few masks...

More to come.  Stay tuned!