Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The First Layer For The White Sign

Since I've had a little extra bit of free time these last few days, I decided to tackle painting on a canvas I have kind of been avoiding because I knew it was going to take several days to paint.

No more excuses, it's time to paint.

I kept my color palette limited to just 4 muted colors.  In a couple areas, I relied on the base color(s) to show through, but for the most part it was just four colors.

A couple shots to show the raised sculptural bits.

5 days later...

I have a few details to touch up once all of this dries -in about a week or so.  I had originally planned for this piece to have one or two layers of imagery that would be mostly washed over so they just gave a slight contribution to the final image.  I'm not sure how strongly I feel about that idea at the moment.  The big question is, "Will I haze this one over?"  I honestly don't know.  We'll see...

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