Sunday, October 27, 2019

SOFA 2019

The annual SOFA (Sculptural Object Functional Art) show is coming up this weekend in Chicago.  I am bringing a few friends with me for the show.

Leading the charge is The Kreme-filled Cowboy!

Here are some progress shots over the summer as I worked to get The Kreme-filled Cowboy ready for the big show!

An image with The Kreme-filled Cowboy in the foreground and The Royal Dong in the background.

I have the lasso in place, but I need to reinforce it.

Now it's time to wrap the wooden lasso with canvas and paint it to the surface of the wood in order to provide a little extra strength.

Here he is with his lasso finished and just a single light source for illumination.

My homage to King Ding Dong (heretofore known as The Royal Dong)

Under a 'fancy' single light source.

A detail shot -and yes, I did wrap a bunch of chicken wire with fabric and adhered it to the piece for an awesome texture.

If you missed my post on the creation of Lil Seezer, here's a LINK.

Making some of the details...

Slice of pizza and an eye.

The design motif at the base of the toga.

Yes!  Now he just needs to be painted again (there are at least 8 coats of paint on it so far in order to transform some of the surface/material details).

I'm also bringing a friend from Pop Culture Palimpsest Miz-yooor Peanut!

Another blast from the not-too-distant-past is Skylyne Dryve!

I was going to include a few images of the development of some of my upcoming sculptures, but we'll all have to wait for a future post to see the construction of Reverend Fisticuffs and Captain Galactikka!!