Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Grab Bag of Progress: Vol. XIV

In no particular order, and with minimal explanation, here are some shots of various projects I have percolating in the studio.

Just laying down some base colors and establishing some early directional movements in the composition base layer.

Add a few more colors and drips (which help to set up some movement...).

Another underwhelming 'start'...

Add a few more colors, and all of a sudden there is some tension between the two warmer color masses (supported by a dull and comparatively cool background)

High Dive!

I've started a couple of canvases with some cut out shapes.

As this one started to come together, I realized that I might have an opportunity to include a mask that has been sitting around in my studio for years.  I ripped it off of a much older canvas/piece/composition a long time ago.  So I wanted to test it out at the top of the 'sign' element...

...unfortunately it was visually too heavy up there, so it had to go.  I am currently trying it out on other pieces.

This one might work...


And I'll close with some images of that tower/sign composition I am trying to bring together.

More to come!

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