Monday, April 6, 2020

Elude No. 2

A little forward progress on the piece currently known as Elude.

Final push on color.

Now for a proper hazing...

On to the next layer of imagery!  I've got a cool blue and and greenish yellow ochre which are going to lead the way for colors.  I think I may just add a light gray and a darker gray and just make this second layer of imagery be only 4 colors.  That's the plan anyway...

Time for the last few colors to finish up the second layer of imagery.  I'm still thinking just a light gray and a darker gray.  We'll see.

Now all that is left to paint is the central figure and the carved letter blocks...

I'm thinking blue and maybe a pinkish red.

This is what it looks like when everything is in place.

Hopefully next time we can take a look at the finishing touches to The Rust Sign.  No promises.

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