Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Frame For Collectors' Issue

A quicky for your viewing pleasure...

Collectors' Issue needs a carved frame -and it needs it pronto.  With no time to waste, I crack out my trusty Dremel Tool and dive in.

Nearing the home stretch on the carving...

Now that all of the carving is completed, it is time to paint the frame.

Here is Collectors' Issue on the wall at The Figge Art Museum.

Pop Culture Palimpsest is only up for a few more weeks.  Stop by the Figge Art Museum during the upcoming Alternating Currents Festival in downtown Davenport the weekend of August 23rd-26th and check out my show.  What?!?  You haven't heard of the Alternating Currents Festival?  Your homework assignment is to go check out  There will be a test!

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