Friday, May 27, 2022

Imaginarium Highrise: Ledger Balance

 Right across the street from The Figge Art Museum is this building.

...a drawing of which found its way into this piece.

The structure on the lower left corner will show up on a future piece/post.

This one on the left.

Here are the beginning stages of physically constructing the building.

I draw the shapes out on cardboard and then cut them out with an X-Acto knife.

Primed, but not yet attached to canvas.

First layer of priming...

Second layer of primer.  The piece is now ready to be painted with oil paint.

Here is everything brought together with some color.  Although I exhibited this at Bereskin Gallery (link: as is, I think there is a high likelihood that I will be adding more of my traditional layers/line work imagery as soon as this piece finds its way back to my studio.

Some detail shots.

Much more to do to it - once I figure out what needs to be done...

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