Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Imaginarium Highrise: Backyard Stroll

 So I have been working on a few relief pieces which in general I think I'm going to call Imaginarium Highrises, with some additional/more specific moniker to denote the individual pieces.

These relief pieces are a combination of shapes/structure inspired by actual real-world locations and elements of my own imagination brought together for one composition.

The following example piece is called: Highrise Imaginarium: Backyard Stroll.

Cardboard covered with fabric.  Cutting out each window one by one.

Phew!  That was a lot of 'windows'...

Here are the actual structures that served as my reference(s):

I compressed this bank building by a few rows of windows in the final piece.

This is how they look brought together.

Paired with another piece I am working on, Imaginarium Highrise: Crossing Over.

Now in (off) white!

These are fairly new and I can already tell I will be incorporating aspects/lessons learned from these two pieces in other upcoming works.

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