Saturday, June 18, 2022

Imaginarium Highrise: Crossing Over

This piece is actually the first Imaginarium Highrise composition I started for a new exploration in my studio work.  I have had some strong reactions towards the pieces in this series from the small group of artist friends I have let see them.  I promised my friends that I would make three of these and leave them just primed before I dove any deeper in their progress.

Gotta spend some serious time cutting out cardboard and wrapping it with fabric to make the structures.

This structure is part of lock and dam #15.  It serves as the initial inspiration for the top of the structure.

A couple of them side by side in the studio.

While I had these pieces up on cans, I played around with pairing them with some other works I had in the studio.

Skipping forward a bit in time, here is what my Imaginarium Highrise pieces looked like at my Construct/Destruct show at Bereskin Gallery back in the Spring of 2021.

More on this in a future post...

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